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Breaking Gender Stereotype

Let boys cry when they need to. The foundation's focus is on breaking Aussie macho gender stereotypes.

Help them Build Emotional Muscles

Together, we can help boys build emotional muscles so that they can go through their lives with resilience.

Focus on Early Intervention

We urgently need to stop the increasing rate of young male suicide. We can do this by focusing on early intervention.

You can Save Boys’ Lives

With your donation, we can run workshops to help boys build emotional resilience and prevent them from ending their lives.

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Let's Break Male Gender Stereotypes & Help them Build Emotional Resilience

With your donation, Kai-Fella can deliver engaging and immersive workshops in school settings where boys can talk about their challenges without any judgement. The workshops provide them with strategies to build resilience with peer support.

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Did you know?

Men are at least three times more likely
to die by suicide than women.

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Check out our latest tv commercial about Kai Fella and The Kai Eardley Foundation.

With your donation, the KEF Supports Tomorrow Man workshops :

Building Resilience, Self-Confidence, Peer support and the Courage to Speak up

Suicide is now the biggest killer of men aged between 19 and 45. Twelve men are lost due to suicide each day. Our hope is to reduce this number. Having lost Kai, we'll always wonder what we could have done differently. The only conclusion is that there was little else we could have done when Kai reached crisis point. We wish there had been some early intervention available before he reached that point of no return.

At KEF, we support a peer-based program for young men, which helps to erase the tough macho stereotype associated with our Australian men. The program provides them with skills to build emotional muscles so that they can navigate mental illness and crises they will inevitably endure in life. It is a vital piece of education that is not available in our schools today.

Your donation will go directly to support the delivery of the program.

Did you know?

Every day in Australia, almost six men die by suicide.

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Your donations make these life-changing workshops possible & could save young men’s lives.
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