Fund Raising Event

Young 4 Life 2019 Community Charity Event

This Event Has Ended

Young 4 Life 2019 Event Raised $12,000 for the KEF.

Thank you Adrian Ricciardello for donating $50.00.

Love you work guys! Make sure Rob gets through it!

Thank you Alan Jacob for donating $100.00.

Great cause

Thank you ALISON BALLARD for donating $50.00.

Go, Teams! Go, Kate!

Thank you Alison Newton for donating $50.00.

I heard about this foundation theough a friend from work’s daughter – Izzy. Good luck with the fundraising for this good cause.

Thank you Amy Derbyshire for donating $50.00.

Go team Y4L and especially Jess Zoiti!!

Thank you Andrea Bruens for donating $20.00.

Thank you Andreas Wang for donating $20.00.

Smash it Kate! Love the Wangs

Thank you Angela Beazley for donating $25.00.

Thank you Anna Howard for donating $20.00.

Go Jess Zoiti!!!

Thank you Anneli Cartwright for donating $15.00.

Go girl 💪👊 xx

Thank you Annmarie Reid for donating $50.00.

Great work, Jess Zoiti!

Thank you Ashleigh Bannister for donating $50.00.

Goodluck Yzzy and the rest of the young for life team! Such a great cause!

Thank you Azita Khalessi for donating $20.00.

Go Jess! What a great cause.

Thank you Ben Knight for donating $30.00.

Thank you Ben Taylor for donating $25.00.

Rider Denis Cullity

Thank you Bernadette Constable for donating $25.00.

Well done everyone awsome effort!

Thank you Briana Wills for donating $100.00.

Such an important cause, good on you Denis Cullity!

Thank you catherine cullity for donating $300.00.

Go Den – Great initiative.

Thank you Cathy Hey for donating $20.00.

Great cause…go Kate.

Thank you Chris and Moira Dawe for donating $50.00.

Thank you Claire Manera for donating $50.00.

Thank you Dan Rochards for donating $30.00.

Go get em Yzzy

Thank you Dan Harris for donating $50.00.

Don’t die Bec RIP

Thank you Debbie Schmidt for donating $20.00.

For Issabella Jacobs. Well done on participating in and raising money and awareness for a very worthwhile cause.
Deb Schmidt

Thank you Elena Quackenbush for donating $40.00.

Superstar effort Jess. Feel the burn and know that you are making a difference. Well done babe. Xx

Thank you Elizabeth Neville for donating $250.00.

You are raising money for a great cause
Good luck to all participants especially Eveline

Thank you Erin O’Rourke for donating $15.00.

Great work JZ! You’ll smash it 🙂

Thank you Erin Kershaw for donating $50.00.

Go Kate!!!! You’ll have earned the Christmas feast this year 😁

Thank you Faith Lee for donating $100.00.

Keep pedaling!

Thank you Genevieve Gething for donating $15.00.

Go Yzzy!!!!

Thank you Gill Kenny for donating $25.00.

Go get em’ JZ and co. Love GK x

Thank you Gino Paolino for donating $25.00.

Knock em dead Denis Cullity you’ve got this covered!!

Thank you Helen Trunfio for donating $175.00.

Go Kate! I think you are both crazy and amazing at the same time!

Thank you Ian Campbell for donating $100.00.

Rider Denis Cullity

Thank you Jade Rubino for donating $50.00.

Smash it out Jess, amazing effort for such a great and very important cause. x

Thank you James Malone for donating $100.00.

Rider Denis Cullity

Thank you James Kaeser for donating $65.00.

Sportstreat Silent auction

Thank you Jane Hamilton for donating $20.00.

Thank you Jean Brown for donating $50.00.

Rider Denis Cullity – may your Christmas baubles adorned to your shirt make you go FASTER!!

Thank you Jen Byrne for donating $70.00.

supporting young for life fundraiser – Leopold voucher

Thank you Jennifer Withnall for donating $20.00.

Way to go Glen. Xxx Jen and Rob

Thank you Jenny Crawford for donating $100.00.

Well done guys!

Thank you John Cullity for donating $200.00.

Rider Denis Cullity

Thank you John McManus for donating $50.00.

Just lost my eldest grandson to suicide 3 weeks ago today . We as a family are heartbroken as are many others affected by this tragedy . All the best to the Kai Eardley foundation and Young for life for making it a success best wishes john mcmanus

Thank you Kanako Ohara for donating $20.00.

Good luck Eveline and team!

Thank you Kanako Ohara for donating $20.00.

Thank you Karen Tabor for donating $50.00.

Good luck Jess!

Thank you Karin Masters for donating $50.00.

Thank you Karin Masters for donating $85.00.

Silent auction

Thank you Kate Prescott for donating $20.00.

Love from Katwa to Jesswa ! Good on you !

Thank you Kate Whitton for donating $50.00.

Good luck Jess!! And to all those participating.

Thank you Katie Ecclestone for donating $20.00.

Go Jess and team! Fantastic cause

Thank you Kellie Cockram for donating $50.00.

Such a wonderful work for young men, their families and our community – well done Young 4 Life!

Thank you Kith de silva for donating $20.00.

Rider Denis Cullity

Thank you Kristen Watson for donating $20.00.

Good luck!

Thank you Kristy Reed for donating $20.00.

Good luck everyone! You’re all amazing for doing this!

Thank you Kura Perkins for donating $50.00.

Go Jess!

Thank you Laura Fitzgerald for donating $100.00.

The event sounds so challenging. Fighting! Good luck everyone!

Thank you Lauren Reid for donating $20.00.

Thank you Libby Dyde for donating $30.00.

Thank you Liliana Shenton for donating $50.00.

May the force be with you Rob and all the Y4L team.
Good luck from Liliana xx

Thank you Liv Katin for donating $50.00.

Such an amazing cause! Good work JZ and all the team! xxx

Thank you Lora Cipriano for donating $20.00.

Thank you Lynette Smith for donating $2,330.00.

Thank you Madeleine Northover for donating $30.00.

Thank you Mandy Torsvik for donating $20.00.

So proud of you Bec! A cause that needs to be addressed ❤️

Thank you Maree Thomter for donating $40.00.

Money for auction item

Thank you Marty & Dean WA Tiling & Stone for donating $200.00.

Good on you Jess and the Team.

Thank you Matthew Neal for donating $20.00.

Thank you Maureen Dival for donating $100.00.

For my niece Yzzy Jacob so proud she is contributing to this

Thank you Megan Putland for donating $50.00.

Good luck!

Thank you Mel Williams for donating $50.00.

Amazing bunch.

Thank you Melina Tomic for donating $50.00.

Thank you Michael Jacob for donating $50.00.

Thank you Montelle Bauernfeind for donating $50.00.

Thank you Nadia Gibellini for donating $15.00.

Great cause! Good luck xx

Thank you Natalie Estrano for donating $50.00.

Thank you Niki Tasker for donating $30.00.

Thank you Patricia Head for donating $100.00.

Rider – Denis Cullity
Wishing you strong legs and a soft seat
Well done

Thank you Phaedra Adamson for donating $20.00.

Thank you Phaedra Adamson for donating $20.00.


Thank you Phillip Zoiti for donating $100.00.

Thank you Pia Zoiti for donating $50.00.

Smash it JZ

Thank you Pia Zoiti for donating $210.00.

Thank you Rebecca Murphy for donating $20.00.

Good luck Bec!! 🚲👊

Thank you Rebecca Phillips for donating $65.00.

Thank you Richard Long for donating $875.00.

Funds raised by Richard Long via sponsors for 8 hour Assault Bike Challenge

Thank you Robert Young for donating $1,050.00.

Thank you Sami Henderson for donating $25.00.

Such an important cause, Go Denis Cullity!

Thank you Sara Millenbach for donating $50.00.

Go Jess. What a great cause. Enjoy that ride 😐

Thank you Sara Gaspar for donating $50.00.

Good luck Y4L teams.
Such a great bunch of people doing great things for the community. Awesome 👏
Sara x

Thank you Sarah Urbani for donating $30.00.

Thank you Sarah Carbon for donating $30.00.

Go Jess Z!! Good luck to all participating today, great cause.

Thank you Sarah MacArthur for donating $20.00.

Thank you Sean Ingram for donating $25.00.

Worthy cause. Well done.

Thank you Simone Chalmers for donating $160.00.

Thanks for.all.your hard work to this worthy cause!! You’re a legend.

Thank you Sophie Johnson for donating $20.00.

Go Kate!

Thank you Stephen OGrady for donating $100.00.

Thank you Stephen Cuccovia for donating $20.00.

Thank you Susan Seeney for donating $50.00.

Crazy Christmas Challenge participant Eveline Seeney-Lensvelt fund raiser

Thank you Teresa Hale for donating $40.00.

Great work everyone, sorry I can’t be there.

Thank you tony Estrano for donating $1,390.00.

Silent auction
Boat cruise
Life ready physio
Black truffle

Thank you Traci Gamblin for donating $50.00.

Great job guys!

Thank you William Packer for donating $500.00.

Go Denis Cullity

Thank you Yzzy Jacob for donating $10.00.

Thank you Yzzy Jacob for donating $250.00.

The Foundation

The Kai Eardley foundation is a registered charitable organisation.

Your contribution to the fund goes towards supporting Tomorrow Man workshops delivered at schools in Western Australia to help young men build emotional muscles.

We aim to save the lives of young men by changing the stigma around men expressing their emotions. We believe with these workshops we can stop the upward trend of youth male suicide.

Get in touch with us if you’d like to know more about Tomorrow Man workshops and how you could work with the foundation.